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Gotta support the team: Cubs fan shows off amazing leg tattoos (video)

When it comes to actually make the decision to go through with getting a tattoo — or in this case, several — to demonstrate one’s unshakeable devotion and unquestionable support for a sports team, either do it right or don’t do it at all.

A Chicago Cubs fan named Luke, originally from the South Side of Chicago who know lives in Colorado, showed off some pretty impressive body ink on his lower leg while taking in his favorite major league ball team’s visit to the Mile High City to take on the Rockies.

The tattoo has got it all — the team’s logo, the Chicago skyline … pretty nice.

But what makes this tattoo collage rise to the top is the fantastic tattooed representation of Harry Caray on his calf.

Actually, if Luke had that tattoo alone he would be deserving of our praise.

When it comes to tattoo-crazy baseball fans, Cubs Nation is very well-represented. Between this guy, this head-tattooed fellow and the guy who ingeniously left the last two digits of the year of the Cubbies’ next World Series title on his back tattoo, Cubs fans are all about showing their support for the team through body art.