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Artist paints portrait of Tom Brady with Giselse depicted as a gazelle (photo)


An evidently ardent fan of both the arts and the New England Patriots showed up at the team’s joint training camp practices with the Washington Redskins with a stunning portrait in tow.

The piece, done in acrylic, perhaps — although I have no idea (just attempting to look informed) — is a portrait of an incredibly dashing Tom Brady. Dressed in a dapper blue tuxedo, Brady is joined in the painting by a gazelle, which the artist says represents Tom’s wife, Gisele Bundchen.

The artist in question is Jeromyah Jones from Richmond, Va. He weighed in on the meaning behind the piece to For the Win, specifically the aspect of why he chose to have Gisele represented by a gazelle.

“That’s his wife,” Jones explains. “It symbolizes his wife, Gisele, and the graceful nature that she possesses. The red carpet that bridges the gap between their two professions, the modeling world and the sports world. I didn’t just want to show him in the uniform. I wanted to show the loves of his life, football and his wife.”

Whoa. That’s some heavy stuff, man. It’s unclear if he simply chose a gazelle because of the similarity between its name and Gisele’s or if there is a deeper, more profound reason behind it. Let’s assume the former but keep the former in mind.


Stunning, really. His interpretation of Brady’s radiance and otherworldly handsomeness truly is breathtaking. And the best part? Brady not only got a gander at the portrait, he actually signed it!

Riffing on the the famou words of Justice Potter Stewart in the landmark Jacobellis v. Ohio 0bscennity Supreme Court case of 1964 that attempted to distinguish the difference between pornography and art, here’s my thoughts on the piece:  I may not know the difference between good art and the portrait equivalent of fan fiction, “but I know it when I see it.”

The individual reader is allowed to interpret which side of the fence this writer is on regarding the above piece.

(photo credit: Chris Strauss/For The Win)