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Rickie Fowler pulls off expertly executed photobomb of Tiger Woods at Valhalla (pic)


Tiger Woods, despite the uncertainty surrounding whether or not he will actually be healthy enough to compete at the PGA Championship this week, nevertheless showed up at Valhalla on Tuesday. An extension from the PGA of America allows Woods until about 10 minutes before his scheduled tee time on Thursday morning about as much time as possible to make that determination, meaning chances are at least 50-50 that Woods will make a go of it.

Subsequent reports indicating that Woods intended to play a practice round on Wednesday certainly lends to likelihood that his wonky back is at the very least feeling a bit better than it was on Sunday when he withdrew from the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational.

Whatever the outcome on the “Tiger Woods Watch: 2014 PGA Championship Edition,” the assembled media got whipped up into a borderline absurd frenzy by Tiger’s arrival. In fact, it’s worse than that. Much, much worse.

Here’s a photo of the press ridiculously standing around the parking spot reserved for Tiger Woods’ ride … before he even showed up or any word arose that he possibly would be showing up.

Sad. So, sad, in fact, that a Twitter account was created for Tiger’s parking spot.

Seriously, the tweets from @TwSpot are comedic gold. Well worth a perusal. Tiger, of course, did arrive, and the cameras were on hand to document it.

Which brings us to one Rickie Fowler. Ever the wiseguy, Fowler had some fun with the insanity. As he strolled through the parking lot, he happened to come between the hordes of obsessed media and assorted photogs and Woods, affording Fowler the perfect opportunity for the perfect photobomb.

Rickie writes on Instagram: “Hey Tiger welcome to the @PGAchampionship.”

Fantastic. Bravo, Rickie Fowler. Bravo, indeed.

Fowler isn’t even the only golfer on Wednesday to capitalize on the Tiger Woods media frenzy. Here’s Ryan Palmer photobombing Woods on a bridge.


Again, fantastic. It goes without saying that Tiger Woods makes tournaments far more interesting. Fair or not, right or wrong, it’s the truth. For the media and the fans. Heck, even the golfers probably enjoy the electricity Tiger’s presence provides, even if sometimes it makes them feel about six inches tall.