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Matt Harvey becomes the latest pro athlete to accept the Ice Bucket Challenge (video)


Not only is it becoming a craze, the entire Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon is completely taking over pro sports.

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey became the latest pro athlete to accept the “Ice Bucket Challenge” to help raise awareness for ALS.

But unlike New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman, who took the challenge on Tuesday before throwing down the gauntlet at the feet of teammates Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola, Harvey upped the ante and took the routine of dumping a bucket of icy water on one’s head to an entirely far chillier level.

Harvey, who currently is going all out in his rehabilitation following Tommy John surgery, even throwing off a mound on Tuesday, similarly went all out with his plunge — literally — into the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Instead of merely dumping some icy water on his head, Harvey opted to immerse himself in a tub of freezing cold water. He posted the evidence of his improvised Polar Bear Plunge-turned-Ice Bucket Challenge.

Harvey writes on Instagram: “Please help support the fight against ALS and make a donation Pete is a former captain of the BC baseball team and fellow ACC alum.”

He is references Pete Frabes, a former Boston College baseball player who has ALS and is credited with starting the movement.

Before Harvey took his frigid dip, he posted photos to Instagram (top and below) to document the preparations involved with getting the water down to an acceptable temperature.

Yikes. Talk about a commitment to the cause. Kudos, Mr. Harvey.