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Jason Dufner served ‘butt rubbed filet mignon’ at PGA Championship champs dinner


As the reigning champion of the 2013 PGA Championship, Jason Dufner bore the responsibility of planning the menu for the annual champions dinner that is held prior to the following year’s tournament.

Of course, being a good ol’ Southern boy — and taking a page out of Bubba Watson’s Masters Champions Dinner playbook — Dufner’s menu for the meal on Tuesday evening featured a serious sampling of some down-home, Alabama goodness.

Dufner’s menu was not for a dinner, mind you, that’s much too much of a formal term for the meal. Instead, the dining experience was referred to as “Dufner’s Alabama ‘Supper’,” a much more fitting way to characterize the four-course tour of Alabama cuisine.

The attendees were served a Roasted Beet & Belle Chevre Salad.

Next came something referred to as an “Alabama Slammer,” which looks about as scrumptious of an appetizer dish as anything: Fried green tomatoes, jumbo lump crab, shrimp and grits? Forget about it.

Amanda, Mr. Dufner’s drop-dead gorgeous wife, posted a pic of the appetizer to Instagram.

While it looks fantastic — she writes, “Had to give them a little taste of the south” — let’s assume Amanda was the best-looking dish in the room. Because she probably was.

But let’s hope just for the sake of a good time that not only was “Alabama Slammer” used as the name of the appetizer, but that the cocktail that shares the same name were available as well. Although if that had been the case and the Alabama Slammer had been the beverage of choice, it may not have turned out to be a good thing. No reason for the host to end up looking like this:


Relegated to the Dufnering position via intoxication. That wouldn’t have been good.

Moving on, the dessert was something called Gooey “Cast Iron” Brownie which sounds deliciously decadent.

But saving the best for last, not in the order of which it was served but in the order in which the courses were highlighted, is the entree, interestingly named “Butt-Rubbed Filet Mignon.”

Awesome name. While chances are Dufner didn’t have an integral part of naming the entree, if he had, odds are he may have been inspired by this memorable image from when he won the PGA Championship at Oak Hill last year.


Butt-rubbed. Get it? Yeah, you get it.

Was that memory possibly the inspiration for the entree? Doubtful. But hey, it’s possible. And it’s not like he could be blamed for it, either. Either way, everyone presumably left with a full belly and a memory full of evening well-spent in great company.

(top image credit: Instagram/Golf Channel)