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Michigan State Spartans misspell ‘accurate’ on otherwise great motivational sign (pic)


Despite the best intentions, a new motivational sign found inside the Michigan State Spartans football team’s brand-spanking-new locker room is attracting more attention for a spelling mistake than the positive message.

A closer look at the sign, which begins with “Come all challengers from all distances” and finishing with the proud declaration that the message is for and from “The Spartans of Michigan State,” reveals a bit of a spelling error in that the word “accurate” is spelled, um, inaccurately.

Yep, the word “accurate” is short one “c.” Unfortunately, spell check wasn’t apparently available in whatever contraption was used to create the sign … or the warning of a spelling error was ignored (via Lost Lettermen):



At least it looks like the sign isn’t constructed out of costly materials  — it appears to be made out of plastic or tempered glass — so to make a new one with the word “accurate” spelled accurately shouldn’t be too much of a cost, nor a time-consuming proposition. Only this time, let’s hope the person responsible for producing the motivational sign is motivated to double-check or even triple-check that all the words on it are spelled correctly.

(image credit: @DrewCHallett)