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Scandalous pics emerge featuring guy who looks like Jerry Jones, two women (photo)


A pair of scandalous photographs making their way around in the Internet feature a man who bears a remarkable resemblance to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and two young ladies caught in some pretty suggestive positions.

Another photograph that originally was culled from this Twitter feed (via The Big Lead) features a woman kneeling with her head leaning against Jones’ crotch (semi-NSFW — VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED — as Jones appears to be sans-pants).

There is no way at this point to confirm that the man in the photo is in fact Jones, so the grainy photos should be taken with a grain of salt.

But if at some point it can be confirmed that the photograph above featuring a man who looks a lot like Jones grabbing the breast of a much younger woman — much less the much more salacious image only linked above is actually Jerry Jones?

Well, then Double-J has a lot of explaining to do.

And if this isn’t Jerry Jones? Then this guy could make a career out of being a Jerry Jones impersonator … or cause the Cowboys owner a mountain of headaches. Or both.