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Jarret Stoll took the Stanley Cup golfing, used it as a glorified ball marker (pic/vid)


Jarret Stoll had his time with the Stanley Cup recently, and as hockey players are wont do, the Los Angeles Kings star not only brought it home to show it off, he utilized the most coveted trophy in all of sport in a wholly unconventional manner.

Stoll spent some time at a well-attended party (above) celebrating Lord Stanley’s Cup arrival in Saskatoon and also enjoyed a golf outing during his visit home.

That’s when the Cup was used as golf-related implements, and served in said capacity in a garish, if not cumbersome, manner.

Stoll used the trophy as a huge ball marker as well as a tee box adornment.

Hey, why not, right? And let’s be honest, the Stanley Cup has been party to much more salacious, risque incidents in the past, serving as a glorified golf ball marker is nothing. Child’s play, really

Even better, the golf outing was part of the hockey player’s annual celebrity golf tournament. Benefiting the Jarret Stoll Patient Comfort Fund Endowment for Children at Royal University Hospital, the tournament and associate charitable events put on by Stoll have raised more than $1 million dollars since 2006.

[H/T For the Win, top image courtesy of @keeperofthecup]