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Cubs fan’s World Series tattoo is genius if team wins one in next 86 years (photo)


This Chicago Cubs fan, either through years of heartbreak or an astute understanding of the team’s history — likely a little bit of both — is a pragmatic realist.

Like all fans of the North Siders, he yearns for the Lovable Losers to once again experience World Series glory, so much so he has gotten a tattoo to demonstrate his faith that the team’s run to October glory will again come one day.

But he’s hedging his bets just a bit. By about 86 years.

He recognizes that World Series titles are hard to come by for most teams and that when it comes to waiting out a championship, patience is indeed a virtue. Only as a Cubs fan, extreme, decades-long patience is required for the sometimes fleeting pursuit of said virtue.

That’s why when he inked in the next expected year the Cubs will taste World Series glory, he only had “20” etched into his back tattoo, leaving the last two digits of the year open-ended, that already celebrates the team’s titles in 1907 and 1908.


That means the Cubs are on the hook to win a World Series in the next 86 years. Otherwise, this guy’s tattoo will look ridiculous. And how will he live that down in 2100?

Although to make it to that year, it would mean this guy would live an absurdly long life. Given the advancements of modern medicine, perhaps 120-some years old or whatever is a possibility. But lest we forget the ravages that the soul-sucking, lifeforce-draining experience of being a Cubs fan for so long would do to a person. Odds are this guy ain’t making it to 2099.

The premature championship tattoo has become something of a prevalent gambit by faithful sports fans in the recent past. A Seattle Seahawks fan got a “Super Bowl XLVIII Champs” tattoo before the season even started last year. A Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball fan got a “2014 Nationals Champs” tat before March Madness was in full swing earlier this year when the prospects of his favorite team being declared the national champion were remote at best.

Both of the above examples of risky body ink endeavors turned out to be prescient prognostications of the championship glory to come and worked out for the fans. The same will be able to be said for this Cubs fan, so long as the Cubbies win a World Series title before the calendar rolls over the year 2100.

Fingers crossed. The clock is ticking.

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