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Tampa Bay Rays opt for formal wear for road trip, wacky shenanigans ensue (pics)


While many MLB teams do it from time to time, the Tampa Bay Rays have developed a reputation for frequently going with themed attire for road trips, sometimes to promote team unity, other times just to be silly.

With the team about to embark on a lengthy road trip, the Rays opted for formal wear as the theme. Not surprisingly, there were some wisenheimers among the players who capitalized on the opportunity and took a very liberal stance on what exactly entails acceptable formal wear.

Of course, some of the players took it very seriously and looked incredibly dapper while nattily attired for trip, but for every one of those players, there were tuxedo t-shirts and other assorted goofiness, including the bizarre combination of camouflage and formal attire.

But Jake McGee and Brad Boxberger won the road trip dress-up bit with their ode to the outrageous tuxes donned by Lloyd and Harry in “Dumb and Dumber.”

The Rays documents both the suave and the silly on Twitter.

Of course, this was all the brainchild of Rays skipper Joe Maddon, arguably the most eccentric manager in Major League Baseball.

Awesome. The shoes really make the ensemble.

Even with the Rays suffering through a sub-par season, although the squad has seen steady improvement of late, not to mention the trade of staff ace David Price, Maddon deserves credit for at least trying to foster a loosey-goosey, enjoyable and unified atmosphere for his players.