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Cavs fan gets back tattoo featuring Kevin Love, LeBron James, but there’s a catch (pic)


One Cleveland Cavaliers fan, much like everyone else, pretty much assumes that a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves that will ship Kevin Love to his favorite NBA team is nothing short of a foregone conclusion and that only minor details need to be worked out.

Of course, the main stumbling point, among other things, holding up the consummation of the trade is the Cavs and T’Wolves have to wait until 30 days after Andrew Wiggins signed his contract with Cleveland before the rookie can be shipped elsewhere. Wiggins is the presumed central figure in the deal, and he cannot be dealt until Aug. 23 at the earliest.

But that has not stopped Nick Grossman, a 16-year-old Cavaliers fan, from getting some ink that celebrates in the inevitable inclusion of K-Love on the Cavs roster.

Grossman was on the Virginia Beach boardwalk when he passed by a shop that specialized in henna tattoos of NBA players.

That’s when Grossman got a wacky idea. Given that family on his father’s side is from Cleveland, the Richmond, Va., resident decided to demonstrate his affinity for the Ohio-based NBA squad. But there was a slight catch that needed to be worked out before he could go through with it.

Of course, LeBron James already is in the fold, but Love is not. So Grossman had one request.

“I asked if they could put LeBron and Love in Cavs jerseys instead and they said they could if I showed them what the jersey looked like,” said Grossman.

The shop accommodated Grossman’s wishes and with that, the below tattoo was born on the teen’s back.


The tattoo cost $60 and features each NBA star on a shoulder blade.

Before Grossman is condemned and castigated for jumping the gun on the K-Love trade, one minor detail regarding the tattoo itself needs to highlighted: ESPN’s Darren Rovell reports that it’s temporary.

Come on, man.

“It lasts up to a month, so it still should be on by the time Love gets traded to Cleveland,” Grossman said.

Given the kid is only 16, he likely wouldn’t have been able to get a permanent tattoo on his own. Depending on the laws in Virginia, he probably would have had to get a parent’s permission to do so. But since his old man is a Cleveland native, the Cavaliers-themed ink that probably wouldn’t have been as tough of a sell as other tattoos might have been.

With that in mind, come on kid. Get the real ink done. Show your fervent, albeit premature, support for your squad. If not for yourself, so that we wisenheimers on the Internet would be more easily able to mock and ridicule your impulsive ink.