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49ers unveil Double-Barrel Wagyu Hot Dog with Pork Chicharrones (photo)


The San Francisco 49ers organization is in the process of getting moved in and settled in the fancy new Levi’s Stadium in nearby Santa Clara, Calif. as the team prepares for the 2014 NFL season.

Not only is the new stadium a fantastic sports arena sporting the technological bells and cutting-edge whistles befitting a $1.2 billion project, even the concessions fare that far exceed the expected standard of traditional stadium food. Of course, this is not surprising given the San Francisco area’s reputation as a cosmopolitan enclave where citizens of discriminating tastes have grown accustomed to experiencing the finer things when doing their wining and dining, even at sporting events.

Among the several highfalutin concession items that raise the bar when it comes to the typical culinary experience at an NFL football game is the Double-Barrel Wagyu Hot Dog with Pork Chicharrones, which is about the fanciest frankfurter ever envisioned.

San Jose Mercury News’ writer Mike Rosenberg recently profiled the new items that will be offered at Levi’s Stadium and the fine dining frankfurter easily tops the list.

Rosenberg tweeted out a mouth-watering photograph of the top shelf hot dog.



The meaty marvel comes from the creative culinary minds behind Levi’s Stadium’s Bourbon Steak & Pub. It begins with two dogs made of Wagyu beef that are wrapped in bacon settled on crispy bread smeared with what appears to be a kind of chunky salsa-like sauce.

While that would be good enough for a truly indulgent eating experience, the culinary marvel is kicked up a notch with its atypical toppings, highlighted by fresh guacamole, pico and pork chicharrones.  For the uninitiated, chicharrones are fried pork rinds. Goodness gracious, that sounds indulgently delicious. I’ll take two.

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