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Phil Hughes loses mind, sticks out glove to catch rocket gapper to left-center (GIF)


It’s unclear exactly what Minnesota Twins starting pitcher was trying to accomplish during Thursday’s game against the Kansas City Royals, but one thing is certain: It certainly was quite weird.

During the bottom of the 6th, Hughes served up a meatball to Royals catcher Sal Perez, who gladly took advantage of the pitch right down Broadway by lacing it to left-center for a gapper and a double.

As Perez made contact with the pitch, Hughes, perhaps suspecting that the ball was about to be lined straight back at him, reacted strangely, jumping a bit while sticking his glove out towards first base, as if he was about to catch the ball.

Unfortunately, his glove was about 20 feet to the left and about 20 feet too low to catch the ball, resulting in quite the perplexing scene.

Huh. Strange. Even teammate Glen Perkins had a chuckle over it, posting video of Hughes’ herky-jerky non-catch after the game.

Yuck it up, Perkins. But what happens when this happens to him?

Okay, it will never happen to Perkins. Or probably any other pitcher. That’s just how confoundedly weird Hughes reaction was to the hit. Even Phil Hughes agrees, retweeting a link to Big League Stew’s post on the incident.

At least he had a sense of humor about it.

(GIFs via The Big Lead)