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Michael Vick pats a reporter on the butt when bolting from interview (video)


Michael Vick seemingly finds himself at least temporarily on the outside looking in as it relates to the starting quarterback competition with the New York Jets. For the first time in training camp, the veteran signal-caller did not have one measly rep with the first-team offense. At this stage of the game, second-year quarterback Geno Smith certainly appears to be the front-runner in the QB competition, although much is left to be determined in camp and the Jets have not, nor will they, presumably make any announcement regarding who will be under center in Week #1 anytime soon.

That hasn’t stopped the New York media from making it a point of interest up to this point, nor will reporters refrain from asking the question of Vick as the drama plays out, drama Vick nobly appears more inclined to ignore and run away from than to stoke the embers of any smoldering quarterback controversy.

“I think having all the first-team reps allows him to get into a rhythm with the receivers, develop that rapport with the first-team offensive line, with the running backs,” Vick said. “You know, time is short. … In four weeks, we’ll be playing the first regular-season game, so it’s time to buckle down and get everything situated, moving in the right direction and find the focus, as far as what our offense is going to be centered around.”.

Despite Vick’s insistence that he believes he is still a “premier quarterback” in the league, he appears to understand the situation as it stands now with the Jets and is willing to play the good soldier at this stage of the game.

So much so, in fact, that Vick abruptly bolted from an interview session with the media. Vick was asked if he believes the Jets have made their decision about who is the team’s starting quarterback, the 34-year-old veteran, while not appearing angry and acknowledging the inquiry was a “fair question,” clearly had enough of that particular talking point.

“Decision about what?” he asked the reporter.

When told that the “what” of course was in reference to the Jets making a decision on quarterback, Vick made one last comment.

Like the classic character Doug from “The State,” Vick busted out an “I’m outta here,” before getting up and ending the interview.

But not before patting a reporter on the rear while exiting stage left.

The victim of Vick’s butt-patting was’s Rich Cimini, who acknowledged hit was his rear end that Vick tapped on his way out in his report regarding the quarterback’s hasty retreat.

It’s nice to see that Vick is loosey-goosey enough despite the circumstances to have a little fun with the media, but a butt-pat? As Seinfeld once said, the high-five — or slapping hands, as Jerry put it — is the lowest form of male primate ritual. If that is indeed the case, the butt-pat comes in a very close second.