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Cubs, Rockies players spell out team names with Gatorade cups in dugout (video)


With the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies occupying the cellars of the National League Central and National League West, respectively, the teams are fully into the dog days of the baseball season.

The Cubbies sit at 45-62 and the Rockies are 44-64, and with the trade deadline having passed on Thursday, other than a late season influx of young players from the minor leagues, there is little for the teams to look forward to other than the end of another wasted season as the squads play out the string.

So, what do players on teams such as Chicago and Colorado do other than wile away the days as they wait for the sweet release of the end of the season? Sure, playing well enough to keep their jobs may be a worthwhile pursuit, but that can only go so far as it relates to passing the time.

That means players have to find some way to amuse themselves, and at least on one day and for these two teams, that involved some dugout skullduggery revolving around spelling out the team’s names — or variations of it in one instance — with Gatorade cups.

The antics occurred during Chicago’s 3-1 win over Colorado at Wrigley Field.

First up were the Rockies, but instead of spelling out the entire name via discarded or unused cups, the players simply spelled “ROX” by inserting said Gatorade cups into the fencing fronting the dugout.

The Cubs responded in kind, and given the players had three less letters to to spell, the Cubs went all the way.

Fascinating stuff. Sure, it would be a lot more fun to be in a pennant race, but for one night, players on two teams headed nowhere at least had some fun at the ballpark.

Let’s just hope all those cups were placed in the appropriate trash receptacles following the impromptu art projects. No need being wasteful.