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Redskins rookie kicker Zach Hocker hazed with hideous haircut (photo)


Zach Hocker was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Word has it that the kicker has impressed the coaching staff so far but apparently he hasn’t done performed so well that he was able to avoid a rite of passage of NFL training camp: The rookie hazing ritual.

Granted, things are much tamer when it comes to rookie hazing rituals — rightfully so — but a tried-and-true practice is forcing rookies to go under the clippers with the goal being the most hideous hairstyle imaginable.

And Hocker’s teammates certainly accomplished that feat with great flair and horrific panache.

Egad. Writes Hocker on Instagram: “No one ever said your rookie season would be easy…” You got that right, man.

As mentioned above, NFL players have utilized this bit in order to haze their rookie teammates in the past. The Miami Dolphins did the same thing last season and look how well things turned out for them…

Okay, scratch that. No team should ever emulate the Dolphins when it comes to keeping teammate treatment within the bounds of decorum and good sense. The Dolphins seemingly learned there lessons from Bullygate last season and are at least attempting to move on from the controversy with unifying t-shirts. The Redskins hopefully won’t allow things to spiral out of control and keep the hazing to hideous haircuts and things of that nature.

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