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Tiger Woods admits he’s waging a ‘no-win fight’ against inevitable baldness (video)


Tiger Woods is 38 years old and like most men nearing the the 40-year benchmark, he is being forced to come to terms with the unavoidable and inescapable reality that with aging comes certain issues one never envisioned being forced to sadly and dejectedly confront.

For some men, it’s the sobering realization that they can no longer eat how they did when they were younger without paying the price in the form of a bulging waistline. For others it may be a lack of virility.

But for many, it’s the sad experience at looking at oneself in the mirror and noticing that there is shocking lack of hair atop their once-youthful head. And for some guys, it happens sooner than later. Just ask LeBron James.

Thinning hair is one sad consequence of aging Tiger humorously admitted that he is presently experiencing as he sat down with Colleen Dominguez for a “FOX Sports Live” interview.

When asked by Dominguez if he is comfortable with his age, Woods uncharacteristically delivered a self-deprecating zinger.

“I’m comfortable with it … my hairline’s not,” Woods said. “I’ve got a nice skylight, and if I don’t wear a hat, I can feel that heat.”

Dominguez asked Woods if he is prepared to admit defeat, “give up” and shave his head, Tiger said not quite yet, but he understands that it might be the only course of action in order to avoid looking like, you know, one of those guys.

“I think I will, but I’m fighting the cause, I’m fighting it hard,” he said. “It’s a no-win fight, but I’m just hanging in there.”

Heh. Tiger Woods. He’s just like other guys! Only with millions upon millions of dollars, worldwide fame and all that other good stuff. Yeah.