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Oregon Ducks football tickets are scratch-n-sniff, smell like Carl’s Jr. burger


The official Twitter account of Oregon Ducks ticket office changed the season ticket game permanently with the announcement on Wednesday that season tickets for the Ducks football team’s 2014 season will feature a very special olfactory-based embellishment.

According to the tweet, not only will a season ticket get a fan into Autzen Stadium for a Ducks home game, fans will be able to take a whiff while waiting in line and smell a tasty burger.

That’s right, Oregon Ducks football season tickets apparently are scratch-n-sniff.

Given that there is an image of a Carl’s Jr. burger in the lower right corner of the ticket, it’s safe to assume the ticket will feature some semblance of the aroma of a serving of meaty goodness plus bun and condiments from said fast food establishment.

Since the smell of most scratch-n-sniffs — at least back in the halcyon days of this writer’s youth — vaguely resembled the aroma they were intended to mimic, the odds are the tickets smells more like grilled piece of paper more than anything else. But who knows? Scratch-n-sniff technology may have taken scented leaps and bounds since the old days.

One thing is certain, though. Ducks football backers surely hope that the tickets, whatever the scent, evoke a similar reaction to now Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore characterized the pungent aroma of napalm in the morning in “Apocalypse Now.”

That would be nice. It would be even better if the tickets smelled more like a hamburger than napalm, too. But that goes without saying.