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Middle-aged fan asks Ryan Clark to sign her breast, Redskins safety obliges (video)


A component of every NFL player’s training camp experience is witnessing the throngs of fans camped out in the hopes of snagging an autograph from their favorite players.

Sure, some players manage to elude and evade the autograph hounds, either by their relative anonymity compared to their teammates or through an innate ability to somehow avoid the waves of humanity. Armed with Sharpies and jerseys and footballs and all other kinds of memorabilia in hand, the autograph seekers envelop the players as they make their way to and from the practice fields, hoping one of them stops just long enough to sign something, anything.

Just ask Ryan Clark. In order to allow viewers to get a first-person look at how players see their training camp world, NBC Washington  outfitted the Washington Redskins safety along with teammate Robert Griffin III with GoPro cameras and sent them out to mingle with the masses.

That’s when Clark was greeted with an interesting request from a middle-aged woman. She asked him to autograph her breast. Yep.

Like a groupie backstage at a Poison concert circa 1986, the woman knew what she wanted. “Sign my breast!” she implored of Clark. “Sign my breast.”

Amazingly, Clark obliged. But carefully.

That messed me up when you said that,” Clark told the woman. “Now I’m nervous.”

Watch Clark’s risky autograph business uncomfortably play out below.

Awkward. No word on whether or not she intends to get Clark’s signature permanently etched into her skin via tattoo like that other Redskins fan is doing with the player autographs on his arm. Let’s hope not.

Speaking to NBC Washington’s Dianna Russini after his chesty encounter, Clark explained in the above video how he proceeded with extreme caution.

“Grab the pen by the very, very end, so you can make sure there’s no unwanted contact,” Clark reported. “It was weird for her to just say it that way. A good friend of mine told me maybe I should have asked where her husband was.”

Good call.

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