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Legends Football League star Heather Furr celebrates touchdown with a beer (video)


Here’s something that will never see in the NFL: A player celebrating a touchdown by enjoying a brewski. And in a departure from the typically acceptable criticism of the NFL for having the reputation of being the “No Fun League,” while the scene that played out during a recent LFL game, perhaps never seeing something like this in the NFL is a good thing.

But that’s exactly what Legends Football League star and two-time league MVP Heather Furr did after reaching the end zone as she led the Chicago Bliss to a 32-7 over the Green Bay Chill.

Nicknamed “Rockstar,” Furr removes her helmet, grabs a cup of beer out of a fan’s hand and knocks back a celebratory gulp.

Nope, nothing about this scene seems remotely staged or contrived at all. One would think we could expect more from a sports organization formerly called the Lingerie Football League that features scantily clad women beating in the brains of one another. Crazy times.

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