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Kate Upton begs Justin Verlander for a puppy on Instagram, he responds (pics)


The suddenly semi-long-term romance between Justin Verlander and Kate Upton reached epically adorable proportions on Tuesday evening when the über-supermodel took to Instagram to ask her Detroit Tigers pitcher boyfriend to get her a new puppy.

Fresh off the couple’s vacation in Mexico during the All-Star Break, the 22-year-old Upton posted the above photograph of herself holding an adorable little puppy with the message of “Pleaseeeee” directed to Verlander’s social media account.

Verlander replied to his gal pal’s heartfelt plea shortly afterward by posting a photo of Riley, a 50-pound reddish Heinz 57 mix who the pitcher features with photos on Twitter from time to time.

Verlander, 31, writes, “If anyone objects raise your hand! #RileyObjects #jealous #RileyWins,” indicating that Verlander is a one-dog man and Riley is a solo act with no interest in becoming a dynamic canine duo.

The bond between Verlander and Riley goes back years, back to and beyond 2008, when he told Richmond Magazine, “Riley is the coolest dog ever,” he said. “Emily and I got him in college. We went to the SPCA, and he kept licking our faces. We’ve been building a bond with this dog. He’s been around since day one. He’s experienced everything with me.”

The “we” Verlander refers to in the article is he and ex-girlfriend Emily Yuen, as the former sweethearts adopted Riley during their college days.

Uh-oh. Riley is the adopted dog of Verlander and his ex-girlfriend? Well, it seems that Upton has been able to get over the fact that Riley has a shared history with one of her boyfriend’s past loves. There’s no chance she’s angling for a pup to take Riley’s place, right? Of course not.

Still, Verlander deserves a lot of credit for being at least initially able to resist the very persuasive plea posed by the gorgeous Upton. To have the ability to look at that irresistible face and be able to still say no? That’s impressive.

And hey, Upton ain’t half-bad to look at, either. Just ask Verlander.

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