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Pic taken with fisheye lens makes Kevin Durant’s feet look like Sideshow Bob’s (photo)


While the far more tantalizing story surrounding Kevin Durant involves comments made by the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar at Team USA training camp regarding his uncertain future with his current NBA team.

Durant’s relatively noncommittal commentary regarding whether or not a homecoming to the D.C. area to play for the Wizards may be something he’ll consider when free agency arrives has given rise to speculation that KD could be leaving the Thunder in the summer of 2016.

To provide a does of whimsy to the story that has to strike fear and dread in the hearts of Thunder fans everywhere is a photograph of Durant seated in a chair with his legs stretched during a break in practice.

The photograph appears to have been taken with a fisheye lens which distorts Durant’s already large feet to comically absurd proportions.


Seriously, the photo makes it look like Durant’s feet would fit snugly into Krusty the Clown’s shoes. Not that Krusty’s feet fit in the footwear fit for a clown as his feet are small, “like all good-hearted people” … but Sideshow Bob’s do, as we learned in the classic “Simpsons” episode “Krusty Gets Busted.”

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