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Dustin Brown exacts Twitter revenge on troll job by Rangers-loving FedEx guy (photo)


Los Angeles Kings captain Dustin Brown may be a New York native — he hails from Ithaca — but that does not mean that New York Rangers fans have forgiven him, nor will they forget, how he and his teammates dispatched their beloved team with relative ease in five games in the Stanley Cup Finals a few months ago.

At least one diehard Rangers backer recently had the means to take a shot at Brown. Apparently, a FedEx delivery guy was charged with delivering a package to Brown. Seizing the opportunity to deliver a zinger at Brown’s expense, the FedEx guy scrawled “Rangers Rule!!” on the package.

Not to outdone, Brown responded in kind, posting a photo on Twitter to his 185,000 followers — and now the Internet at-large — with a delicious zinger of his own in which he mocked and ridiculed the Rangers’ dry spell when it comes to Stanley Cup glory.

Fantastic. Take that, anonymous FedEx delivery guy. You just got served.

And Brown is correct, it isn’t 1994. If that were the case, this post, in keeping with the NHL theme, would have never been written as I probably would have been far too occupied obsessively playing “NHL 95” from sunup to sundown. Ah, memories.

Moving on, sadly, some members of Twitter Nation apparently have been calling for this FedEx guy to be reprimanded for his skullduggery. Brown again took to Twitter to quell the virtual mob armed with social media torches and hashtag pitchforks.

Simmer down, people. It was all a joke participated in and perpetrated by both parties.

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