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Dan Le Batard’s effort at trolling LeBron via full-page ad rebuffed by Plain Dealer (pic)


Sports radio provocateur, ESPN personality and Miami-based sportswriter Dan Le Batard is well-known for his unconventional methods, in particular while fulfilling his hosting duties on ESPN Radio’s “The Dan Le Batard Show.”

In fact, Le Batard, as noted by Awful Announcing, has developed something of a reputation for his unscrupulous efforts at pulling off epic troll jobs in an effort to be provocative and controversial.

His latest foray into troll territory involved trying to utilize a full-page ad in a newspaper in order to exact “revenge” upon LeBron James for spurning the Heat and the city of Miami and returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Le Batard and his band of weisenheimer radio henchman contacted Cleveland’s The Plain Dealer to inquire if space was available for a full-page advertisement in which Heat fans could express their feelings regarding LeBron’s exodus from South Beach.

A mock-up of an ad that would fit the bill circulated on Twitter as Le Batard hatched his nefarious plot.

Surprisingly, The Plain Dealer rebuffed Le Batard’s request, which was “politely declined,” according to the paper, as it was not willing to play party to his shenanigans.

Representatives of The Dan LeBatard Show called the Cleveland media outlet on Tuesday to purchase a full-page advertisement in this Sunday’s edition of the newspaper, Northeast Ohio Media Group Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Maleski confirmed. NEOMG sales staff are responsible for ads in The Plain Dealer.

The show’s request was “politely declined,” Maleski said.

LeBatard acknowledged during his show, which airs on Miami radio station The Ticket, that the ad was rejected. The show would have raised the money to buy the ad space through the online crowd-funding website Kickstarter.

“They have declined our money,” LeBatard said. “They do not want our money. They will not allow us to put our ad in the paper.”

LeBatard said during the show that the ad was not intended to be mean-spirited, but rather a way to poke fun at James and Northeast Ohio residents who watched him win two championships in Miami.

Nice try, Le Batard, but the Plain-Dealer ain’t playing ball. Not only would it be in poor form and likely offend its readership, it has far more important things to focus its collective attention upon, like filling the position of LeBron James beat reporter. Important stuff.