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Ball thrown into crowd by Rory Mcilroy after British Open win up for auction (pics)


Before Rory McIlroy celebrated his wire-to-wire win at the Open Championship at Royal Liverpool a few weeks ago with some well-deserved JagerBombs out of the Claret Jug (not to mention an outing with yet another model a few days later), the 25-year-old phenom out of Northern Ireland expressed his excitement over winning his third career major by hurling the ball he had just putted into the hole on 18 into the crowd.

Obviously, whoever was lucky enough to come up with the ball should count themselves lucky to have procured such a valued keepsake. But because of an auction house’s quest to obtain the prized piece of memorabilia, it wasn’t in that person’s possession for very long.

Green Jacket Auctions sent out an APB on social media requesting that the owner of Rory’s British Open-clinching golf ball get in touch with them. Thanks to a tweet from ESPN’s Darren Rovell out to his nearly 500,000 followers, the man who had the ball heard about the auction house’s interest.

When it was all said and done, Lee Horner of Leeds, England, and Green Jacket auctions were able to work out an arrangement and now the auction house is selling off Rory’s ball for what certainly will be a tidy sum.

The auction page has a photo of Horner proudly displaying his prize.


The item, a Nike RZN Black golf ball, is stamped with “RORS” and  currently is up for bidding on Green Jacket Auction’s website.


The opening bid was $1,000 on July 23, and since then, 19 bids have been placed on it and the interest has caused the top bid to jump up to over $5,000 as of Tuesday morning. The auction closes on Aug. 9, so there’s plenty of time to cash in retirement funds to make a bid.

If that isn’t an option, one could always scrounge through couch cushions and smash open piggy banks to put together a potentially winning bid. But it would take a pretty big couch with deep cushions and an obscenely large piggy bank to pull enough money together to take home Rory’s ball.

One person who won’t be digging through the cushions of his couch anytime soon is Horner, who presumably pocketed $10,000 (at least) simply for being in the right place at the right time.