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Peyton Manning dances to ‘Rocky Top,’ embarrasses everyone everywhere (video)


The folks running the P.A. system during a Denver Broncos training camp practice on Monday decided to pay a little tribute to Peyton Manning’s college days by blasting “Rocky Top,” the University of Tennessee Volunteers fight song over the loudspeakers.

While Broncos players loosened up, the sounds of his beloved “Rocky Top” cascading down onto the practice field inspired something deep inside the quarterback, as he entered into something akin to a full-body dry heave as he tried to show his appreciation for the playing of the song by way of moving around his body which in a stretch can be referred to as dancing.

This sad display of uncoordinated, herky-jerky and spastic “dancing” even inspired Britton Colquitt, a fellow UT alum, to join in on the impromptu dance party.

Seriously, it was all kinds of awkward. Let’s just be grateful that Denver’s 9 News had a camera crew on hand at camp to preserve Peyton’s peppy dance jam for perpetuity.

The moves performed on the field by Manning are eerily similar to those he busted out during his infamous dancing skit when he hosted “Saturday Night Live.”

Yeesh. On both counts. But all in good fun.

Between his booty-shaking and getting “sacked” by his three-year-old son while playing around with his kids the other day, it’s clear that Manning is making sure that enjoys every single moment of being an NFL player before it’s time for him to hang up his helmet and move on to bigger and better things. Hopefully, at least one bigger and better thing involves taking some dance lessons.