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Longhorns kicker Nick Rose may comb his hair with a caramel apple (photo)


Holy mop top, Batman! A photograph making the rounds on the interwebs this morning that is an absolute delight for its absurd appearance is the team photo of one Nick Rose, a kicker for the Texas Longhorns football team.

Get a look at that mess. It would come as no surprise if some little birdies, upon the photo being taken and startled by the flash, flew out of that mop to leave the nest that is this kid’s hair for the first time ever.

Sure, Rose may miss his little chicks — they were just hatchlings a few weeks ago — but hey, it’s time for them to fly away and live their own lives, leaving Rose to contemplate a different way to utilize his hair for the common good.

Maybe his unkempt hairstyle can be used as a warning to youngsters about the risks inherent to combing one’s hair with a caramelĀ  apple. Sure, it sounds like a good idea — think of how well it holds — but it leaves a person looking, well, like this guy.

In all seriousness — if that’s possible — it’s hard to gauge exactly what Rose is trying to pull off with this look. Is he trying to look like a hipster Donald Trump? Is he going for the Flock of Seagulls look but ran out of hairspray? What’s going on here? So many questions, man.

[H/T The Big Lead, image via @PaulMyerberg)