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Of course an artist created a portrait of James Harden out of human hair (photo)


Unbeknownst to most folks who don’t make a habit of perusing some of the odder, or in this case, hairier corners of the Internet, there is a site devoted entirely to art inspired by and of Houston Rockets star James Harden.

The site, James Harden Illustrated, is the brain child of designer/illustrator Filip Peraić. The most recent entry of Harden art exhibited on the site is a portrait created entirely out of human hair.

This of course makes perfect sense because if one is to create a James Harden portrait, why not utilize something that in part defines him? Sure, it’s Harden’s beard that does that, but regular hair instead of facial hair certainly does the trick.

Peraić explains the medium used in the piece.

James Harden Illustrated is back with portrait made of real hair! For this portrait I had to enter the creep zone and ask barber for some hair leftovers. Print available in store, signed and numbered prints delivered to you in a beautiful package. 

Uh, gross.

Harden appears to have elevated his sphere of influence beyond simply being an NBA star to being some kind of muse for aspiring artists. Although most creations up to this point — and it’s been awhile, all the way back to his Oklahoma Thunder-playing days — revolved around creating representations of the Rockets scorer utilizing food as a medium (see here and here).

Despite those examples, though, this Peraić is taking James Harden Art to a whole new level, which is quite the testament to his work because who knew James Harden Art existed in the first place?

And just for the fun of it, there’s this:


Have fun trying to get that image out of your brain at bedtime.

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