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What a pisser: Browns fan who urinated on Art Modell’s grave facing charges (video)


In case anybody’s wondering, the poorly conceived plan to desecrate a grave by urinating on it and then compounding that egregious act by making the questionable decision to post a video that documents that transgression to YouTube? Not a good idea.

It’s a lesson that an as of yet unidentified Cleveland Browns fan probably wishes he had learned prior to going through the above-referenced pee-pee plot which involved recording himself urinating on former Browns owner Art Modell’s grave site.

While authorities have authorized the charges, the suspect’s name will not be released until charges are formally served and field.

Of course, Modell broke the hearts of Browns fans when he upped and moved the franchise out of town following the 1995 season and relocated the team in Baltimore and changed the name to the Ravens.

Still, it hardly qualifies as sufficient cause to desecrate his grave. And now, the Browns fan is facing charges, expected to be brought soon by the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office.

“I want to commend the Baltimore County Police Department for doing outstanding work in identifying the suspect involved in this case,” Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger said in a statement. “Everyone who has buried a loved one has the right to believe that their final resting place will be treated with respect. Bringing charges against this individual should act as a deterrent to others and assure the rest of us that no matter who you are, indecencies will not be committed against your final resting place.”

In the video, the Browns fan rips off a Ravens jersey to show that he was wearing a Browns jersey the entire time, presumably to outwit the security charged with guarding Modell’s grave that were not, never have and never will be present.

The fan went all McGyver in while committing his nefarious plot, using a tube that led out the bottom of his pants so he could urinate on Modell’s grave without running the risk of adding indecent exposure to his crimes.

As he relieves himself, the fan says, “As far as pissing on your grave, I had no choice” a variation of the phrase Modell invoked before skipping town.

WARNING: Video contains profanity. Viewer discretion is advised.

It’s a piece of shameful theater showcasing a reprehensible act. At least those of us who find grave desecration an unsavory, brutish and despicable act can take solace in the news that at least the guy will have to own up to his transgressions.

According to a CBS Baltimore report, Maryland’s Criminal Law Article 10-404(c) states: “a person may not engage in indecent or disorderly conduct in a cemetery.” The act is considered a misdemeanor and if convicted, a person faces a maximum sentence of two years in jail as well as a fine of $500.

While two years in jail seems a tad excessive, a hefty fine and maye a few weekends in the workhouse wouldn’t be an inappropriate or unfair administration of justice.

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