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Redskins fan Charlie White turning player autographs on arms into tattoos (photo)


(image credit: John Keim/ESPN)

To even go far as to say that Charlie White, a 41-year-old Virginia man, is taking his devotion to the Washington Redskins to unheard-of levels would be an understatement.

And said devotion, when all is said and done, will be permanent.

White’s stated goal is to get the autographs of all the presumed Redskins starters heading into the season on his arms and then have a tattoo artist trace over the players’ John (Herbie) Hancocks in ink. Gotta support the team, huh?

“I want all 22 starters,” White told ESPN. “I believe in getting starters on my arm for a reason. It’s because I bleed burgundy and gold.”

And, when the tattoos are being etched into his arm flesh, he’ll probably bleed a little red, too.

So far, White has the autographs of Robert Griffin III, Santana Moss, DeSean Jackson, Brandon Meriweather, Ryan Clark, Darrel Young and Josh Morgan on his arms, meaning he is off to a good start, but still has 15 players to go.

One can reasonably question White for doing what he’s doing, given the nature of roster turnover in the modern NFL, but he apparently believes it provides a snapshot in time and even if the players are gone in a year or two, so what? They’re on the team this season.

“As long as they’re a starter I want them on my arm,” he said.

White entered into his mission already bedecked in some Redskins ink, including one in tribute to late Sean Taylor. But in the end, if he accomplishes what he has set out to do, it will require a lot of work and a lot of time spent in the tattoo chair.

“That’s a lot of ink, a lot of time, a lot of money,” White said. “I might be starting something. I hope I don’t or if I do I want it started after I do all mine.”