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Oswaldo Arcia shatters bat amid a shower of splinters after striking out (video)


Much like the rest of his Minnesota Twins teammates save for a few players having decent seasons, outfielder Oswaldo Arcia is having a season to forget.

After starting off the season on a relatively torrid pace for an inexperienced player, a sprained ankle in early June appeared to derail the 23-year-old’s season, an injury from which he never appeared to recover.

Arcia has seen his average drop to .221 during the most recent Twins’ slide, its lowest point of the season.

Three strikeouts en route to an 0-4 game during Sunday’s 4-3 win over the Chicago White Sox didn’t help. And Arcia’s frustration is mounting. Following his third strikeout, Arcia violently slammed his bat into his knee, breaking the piece of lumber in two as shattered shards went flying.

Even though he’d prefer his players not to engage in such risky and immature behavior, Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire nevertheless appeared impressed by the strength exhibited by Arcia during his on-the-field meltdown.

“There’s not very many people who can do that,” Gardenhire said. “I would rather he break it swinging than over his knee, and yes, I’ll talk to him eventually. But, you know what, I’ve said this for the last couple weeks here: This kid is working hard. He’s really frustrated when he doesn’t do well.”

Gardenhire opted to interpret the bat-breaking as an indication that the young player cares.

“He’s a young player, he’s got things to learn, yes, but he gives a flip. I know that,” he said. “Today was a rough for him, and that wasn’t very good breaking it over (his) knee; that’s not want we want to show people around here. But he’s been busting his tail and I’m really proud of that kid. It’s not been going great for him, and he’s been battling pretty damn hard.”

Things again have gone from bad to worse this season for the Twins, as a 3-7 homestand has put Minnesota in the position of simply playing out the string in yet another campaign where the Twins likely won’t be remotely within sniffing distance of .500 at season’s end.

With that in mind, the Twins should count themselves fortunate that one of the shards from Arcia’s shattered bat didn’t fly into the Twins dugout and drill the perpetually injured Joe Mauer. That’s something.

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