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Out of context, Steve Spurrier’s ‘jerked a bunch of ’em off’ comment is gold (video)

The Ol’ Ball Coach should have known better, but hearing the words “jerked a bunch of ’em off” come out of the mouth of South Carolina Gamecocks head football coach Steve Spurrier is pure comedic gold, no matter the context.

The entire quote culled from a longer yarn Spurrier was spinning was about how he “went down into the players locker rooms … and they’re all over there …  and I (indecipherable) jerked a bunch of them off.”

Hoo boy.

Put on an endless loop via a VINE video, Spurrier’s commentary regarding something well outside the perverse realm of manual manhood manipulation makes for an amusing sound byte well worth a few guffaws and a a handful — pun intended — of chuckles.

But when the comments are placed in the correct context, it makes some semblance of sense exactly what Spurrier was trying to articulate, albeit the comically poor choice in phrasing.

Spurrier was describing his actions when he tore down “Beat Clemson” signs upon his arrival on South Carolina’s campus in Columbia, not, uh, you know, what it sounds like when completely taken out of context.

Even with the knowledge of what Spurrier was really saying does nothing to diminish the enjoyment of viewing the VINE over and over and over.

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