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Ohio newspaper posts job listing for ‘Sports Reporter – LeBron James Beat’


When LeBron James announced he was making his triumphant return back to Ohio to once again play for the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, the city and region was lifted into a state of sports euphoria that it likely has not come down from yet.

The fans, the media, the municipal and government offices — pretty much anyone who still isn’t undergoing psychotherapy and still working through  abandonment issues stemming from LeBron’s “The Decision” all those years ago — are and remain elated that one of Ohio’s favorite native sons is back in the fold.

But it isn’t all fun and games when it concerns LeBron’s return. Work still needs to be done, especially in the journalism department.

Northeast Ohio Media Group, a corporate conglomerate that includes Cleveland newspaper The Plain Dealer among its holdings, recently posted a listing on its job info page alerting would-be applicants that a position has opened up — presumably at The Plain Dealer — for a sports reporter.

But this isn’t some entry-level job where the new guy or gal will be assigned to file reports on small time stories that no one else in the sports department wants to touch, such as horseshoes tournaments and the like, this is the big time.

For one lucky aspiring — or established — sportswriter, an opportunity has presented itself that could be considered one of the sweetest gigs in sports media.

That’s right, folks. Northeast Ohio Media Group is looking for a new sports reporter. But not because the paper wants to enhance its Cavaliers coverage in light of LeBron’s return. Nope. Instead, the paper is seeking a reporter who will exclusively work the LeBron James beat.

All LeBron. All the time. It’s essentially the ESPN of sports writing jobs.

The listing’s “Opportunity Snapshot” is as follows:

Bring your sports, news and investigative reporting experience to one of the most challenging reporting jobs in the country, covering the sports performance, business dealings and community leadership of basketball star LeBron James. You’ll cover all aspects of his roles in Northeast Ohio and nationally as he returns to the Cleveland Cavaliers, writing, creating videos, and posting across multiple platforms including all relevant types of social media. You’ll also participate in broadcasts where you discuss James, working closely with reporters assigned to cover the Cavaliers and the NBA.

We’ve created an entirely new media company, and we’ll provide the resources to help you do the job well. If you are hungry to take on one of the most challenging and potentially rewarding reporting challenges, and if you’ve got the chops to write about basketball, business, charity and community, this could be the right role for you.

While some may snicker and suspect that this could ultimately be a thankless job where seeking out filler in order to come up with enough copy to meet deadlines will be the name of the game, think again. LeBron James is a vast corporate entity personified. There always has been and always will be more than enough compelling angles to play up above and beyond James’ play on the court, given his many business interests, charitable endeavors, lifestyle, endorsements family life and so on and so forth.

It’s one plumb of a job, journalists. Better give that résumé a polishing and get it submitted while the getting is good.

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