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Indians’ Ryan Raburn on atrocious spiked throw: ‘Crazy things can happen’ (video)


After Thursday’s game was said and done, Cleveland Indians outfield Ryan Raburn could only express disappointment over a horrible throwing gaffe he made during the team’s 2-1 extra inning loss to the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium.

With the Indians up 1-0 in the 8th inning and starting pitcher Corey Kluber cruising along after taking a perfect game 6 1/3 innings, Raburn almost chased down a Mike Moustakas drive down the left field line, just missing the catch despite a nice effort at making a sliding catch. As Moustakas strolled into second base, Raburn made perhaps the ugliest documented throw in the history of organized baseball.

Attempting to relay the ball back into the infield, Raburn spiked the throw, with the ball slamming into the ground just a few feet from where he stood.

Moustakas, standing at second base, saw the misplay, and strolled to home plate for a Little League-style inside-the-park home run, although it wasn’t scored as such. Instead, the Royal was credited for a double and scored on a throwing error.

Raburn could only stand there with a befuddled and bemused look upon his face as his epic gaffe gift-wrapped a 1-0 lead to the Royals.

The Indians outfielder said after the game that the misplay was precipitated by an attempt to hold onto the ball, something that went horribly awry, as the ball bounced far left of his original target, ending up in center field, where nary a soul was there to retrieve it soon enough.

Raburn said his plan was to relay the ball back to third base but Lonnie Chisenhall was late in getting over to cover the bag. He tried to stop, it didn’t pan out. Clearly.

Kluber could only stand there and helplessly watch as Moustakas scored.

The outfielder felt horrible after the game, especially for Kluber, who Raburn said didn’t deserve such a cruel fate after pitching so brilliantly.

“He definitely didn’t deserve to get the loss, and at the time, that’s all I could think about,” Raburn said of Kluber. “I tried to make a play on him, and didn’t quite come up with it and then for that to happen — it was a tough one to swallow, but my teammates picked me up [with] a run there in the ninth. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pull it out.”

Raburn said he didn’t even try to talk to Kluber when the team returned to the dugout at the end of the inning.

“I think I was more mad than he was,” Raburn said. “Crazy things can happen in a game. Of course, if there’s a different scenario where we were winning by a lot, we can probably laugh about it. But the way the game was playing out, as tight as it was and as great of a game as he pitched, I don’t think there’s anybody who felt worse than I did.”

Here’s Raburn discussing the embarrassing misplay in the clubhouse following the loss.

Kluber, to his credit, tried to deflect blame on Raburn, chalking it up instead to the crazy nature of baseball.

“There are weird things that happen in this game,” Kluber said. “It’s just one of those plays.”

Indeed it was … but even so, it surely was an ugly version of one.