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Eddie Vedder throws out first pitch, sings during Cubs game at Wrigley Field (vids)


When it comes to A-list fans, the Chicago Cubs, despite the franchise’s lengthy lineage of being the so-called “Lovable Losers,’ boasts a bevy of big-time backers who fervently support the North Side Nine and continue to do so, through thick and thin.

One of those celebrity supporters was in attendance at Wrigley Field on Thursday night for the Cubbies game against the San Diego Padres. Not only was he there to take in the ball game, he also handled a multitude of responsibilities during his visit to the historic ballpark.

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, no stranger to the friendly environs of Wrigley, handled the ceremonial first pitch duties before the game.

Can you believe it? A ceremonial first pitch that goes out without a hitch? Now that seems to be an increasing irregularity. Great windup, great pitch, great location. A fantastic job all the way around.

Later, he performed “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh-inning stretch, accompanied by his niece and nephew.

Once again, another solid effort by the consummate professional. And his positivity was contagious, if not effective. The Cubs at the time of the stretch were down 12-1. So, after performing his rendition, Vedder hollered, “Let’s score 20!!!”

Unfortunately, Vedder’s impassioned plea for a monumental comeback and attempt to fire up the team only amounted to a two-run rally in the 8th inning as the Cubs ultimately went down to the Padres by a score of 13-3.

Hey, Vedder is a rock legend, not a miracle worker.

The rocker nevertheless enjoyed the night at the game, spotted enjoying a beer in the stands along with some pals during the 9th inning.

But given his years of supporting the team, Vedder is surely accustomed to disappointment. A lifelong Cubs fan, he was born in Evanston, Ill., and spent about the first decade of his life in the Chicago suburb before his family moved to San Diego.

He is a frequent visitor to Wrigley when time allows it and has performed “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” on previous occasions. Expect to see him do it again sometime sooner than later.

His devotion to the Cubs goes so far and runs so deep he even wrote a tribute song to the team, “All the Way,” which was released as a single in 2008.

And hey, at least he seemed to be having a better time than Jack White, who certainly appeared to be not enjoying his time at Wrigley on at least a few occasions during his visit earlier this week.