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Dallas Keuchel zings heckler with ball that reads ‘Thanks for paying my salary’ (pic)


Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel had the last laugh in response to a heckler’s taunts during an off-day as his teammates faced the Oakland Athletics at Coliseum on Thursday night.

Apparently tired of the heckler but nevertheless engaging him — we’re assuming it was a man, although it could have been a woman (doubtful) — Keuchel managed to get a ball to the heckler with an extra special message in which he served up a heaping helping of comeuppance by thanking the fan in question for his part in contributing to his income, writing, “Thanks for helping pay my salary for today.” Instead of providing an autograph, Keuchel signed the ball with a heart — awww — and his jersey number.

Although it’s unclear if the 26-year-old Keuchel was inspired by it, but this is the second documented time this season that a major leaguer has responded to a heckler’s taunts with a teasing message scrawled into a baseball.

Earlier this season, Cincinnati Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips dealt with a “Drunk Guy” heckling him by giving the cretin a ball that in part read, “Now take this ball and shut the phuck up!!”

A great trend. Let’s hope we see more of these kind of snarky antics out of ballplayers this season.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Keuchel’s 2014 salary is $508,700, which works out to mean that he earns approximately $3,140 per game, whether he pitches or not. Not a bad deal.

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