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Packers fan receives autographed jersey from Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn (video)


A die-hard Green Bay Packers fan was the recipient of a pretty sweet reward for being such a great dad courtesy of the efforts of Aaron Rodgers and his gorgeous actress gal pal, Olivia Munn.

Rodgers and Munn, who have allegedly been dating for a few months ever since the two were paired up to present an award at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas back in April and have been spotted canoodling in public on several occasions since rumors surfaced about their budding romance.

The high-profile couple played a huge part in a brother’s quest to pay tribute to his sibling for being more dedicated to his kids than his favorite football team.

According to a video posted to Facebook, the fan opted to be home for his son’s birthday instead of utilizing VIP tickets to a Packers game.

As the man opens up the package from his brother and arrives at the realization that the contents contained inside were of a truly special variety, he begins to exclaim, “He got it! He got it! Aaron Rodgers’ signed jersey!”

A note included from his brother explains the certainly treasured item of Packers memorabilia.

“You’re such a good dad, you didn’t miss your son’s birthday for the tickets to the VIP Packers game I got you, so Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers sent this to you personally. You are a good man, great father and even better brother. Happy early birthday and P.S. look into the camera and say ‘Thank you Olivia and Aaron.'”

A shipping slip also included in the box confirmed that the autographed Aaron Rodgers jersey came from none other the Packers quarterback and Munn, so the fan complies with the request and says, “Thank you Aaron and Olivia,” then adds, “They sent it! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keith, I love you, this is the greatest present ever.”

Indeed it is. Kudos to this guy’s brother for going above and beyond to reward his brother for being a father first, a Packers fan second, as it should be. The fact that he received such a grand gift from his beloved NFL team speaks volumes about how having one’s priorities straight can pay dividends in ways perhaps never imagined beforehand.

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