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It’s no family truckster, but Jay Cutler’s van would make Clark Griswold jealous (photos)

CT spt_0724_bears_02.JPG

(image credit: Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has seen many changes occur in his personal life over the past handful of years. He got married to reality star/actress Kristin Cavallari and has become a father. The Cutlers added a second child to their brood in May and with the latest bundle of joy, Cutler apparently has had to make some changes to the manner in which he gets about town, something fathers have been doing for years as they grow their family.

So long, sports car. Hello, van.

Cutler rolled into Chicago Bears training camp on Wednesday in a large white van, a perfect vehicle for a growing family.

When it was erroneously characterized as a minivan, the subtle surliness that we have come to know and love about Cutler came out.

“It’s not a minivan, it’s a conversion van,” Cutler clarified.

Whatever it is, the white monstrosity certainly is a thing of beauty. Sure, it won’t make quite the same splash the Indy Car Reggie Wayne rolled into Colts training camp in, but it’s still a pretty sweet ride.

As alluded to above, imagine if Clark Griswold would have been afforded this option instead of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster he ended up with before embarking on his ill-fated family trip to Wally World.

Still, one has to wonder about the logic of owning such a large vehicle … you know, as Seinfeld posits in “The Junk Mail” episode to “Fragile” Frankie Merman. I can imagine Cutler paraphrasing Jerry and saying to his wife: “What if I decided that it’s silly to drive a van, because, you know, I live in Chicago.”

A “Seinfeld” AND a “National Lampoon’s Vacation” bit in the same post? That’s a two-for-one dated pop culture reference special for everyone. You’re welcome.