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DeSean Jackson once hated the Redskins, is placed on team’s Eagles game ticket (pic)


With the Washington Redskins opened training camp on Wednesday, DeSean Jackson admitted that at first it was tough to put on a uniform of a team he revealed he once hated.

It’s hardly surprising to learn that Jackson once despised the fierce division rival that the Redskins were when a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, but it is arguably refreshing to hear the wide receiver so freely admit to the antagonistic attitude once held by him towards his new team.

In comments from June that are surprisingly just coming to light and being covered by the D.C. media, Jackson pulled no punches when describing how he once felt about the Redskins.

“Honestly bro, it was one of them situations where I kind of hated the Redskins, you feel me?” Jackson said during an interview with WKYS’s EZ Street. “Like, that was my rivals. Being an Eagle, that was like my rivals. Now it’s different. It’s like ‘Dang, it just shows how God works once again.’”

In other DeSean Jackson news related to his former team, the Redskins, in what should come as any surprise to anyone, elected to feature the Pro Bowl wide receiver on the ticket for the team’s showdown with the Eagles at FedEx Field on Dec. 20.

Oh, snap! Imagine how much that will enrage the majority of Eagles fans who don’t have possession of a ticket to this game. Talk about the ultimate burn.

All kidding aside, between this game and the Week 3 match-up at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly on Sept. 21 — odds are certain Jackson is not featured on that ticket — the chances are more than good that Jackson will be even more amped than usual to show up a team that so unceremoniously dumped him back in late March before he signed with Washington in April.

Chances are Jackson would love to demonstrate a different kind of hand gesture than the controversial, perceptively gang-related ones he discussed in an ESPN The Magazine profile piece a while back. Although such a gesture likely would be greeted by fans at the Linc as controversial as well, not to mention offensive.

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