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Debut episode of ‘Bikini Golf’ entails exactly what the title of the show suggests (videos)


Sigh. Sure, there has been lingerie football. And I imagine there have been other variations of the same theme where a competitive sport is conceivably dressed up by having women strip down and play it. Women’s beach volleyball comes to mind, and that’s an Olympic sport. But that’s another story altogether.

In a way, this philosophy already has made subtle inroads into the world of golf as well. It certainly appears that “The Big Break” reality series on Golf Channel has evolved — or devolved, depending on one’s particular point of view — into nothing more than recruiting the most attractive amateur female golfers available and pitting them head to head in a battle for a “break” at cracking into the highly competitive world of professional golf. Sure, men are included as contestants from time to time, but let’s not act like the Golf Channel doesn’t recognize what component is bringing in the most viewers.

With all that in mind, perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise in the least that a new reality series has emerged that aspires to follow the lead of the lingerie footballs and “G-String Gutter Balls” and “Bocce Ball in Bras” of the world — the latter two being the completely conceptualized offshoots of this theme by this writer (they would get viewers, though).

And that new series is “Bikini Golf,” a name that pretty much explains it all. It’s attractive women, in bikinis, playing golf. That’s it.

The outfit — no pun intended — behind bikini golf — explains the format and concept on its official site as follows:

Based in Southern California, Bikini Golf is the modish sports entertainment company. Our mission is to bring a contemporary edge to golf by broadcasting energetic competition from spectacular courses across the world, where our athletic and attractive women golfers compete for “skins” while wearing sporty and stylish bikinis.

Ha. Skins. That’s so good I almost didn’t blockquote the above passage so I could save that one for myself. It’s so “cheeky.”But don’t allow that comment to lead you to believe the young ladies play in bikinis that afford that kind of view. Unless they do. Or will. I’m not sure.

The debut episode has been floating about on the Internet for a little over a month now but hasn’t really attracted a substantial following as of yet, but that’s sure to change once folks catch on to it.

Here is that debut offering of “Bikini Golf,” separated into three acts, which of course is the requisite and standard structure featured in all great examples of modern storytelling.

Compelling stuff. The pseudo-porno-esque soundtrack really adds to the entire spectacle, does it not? And that host guy is a real hammy delight to boot.

Of course it is slightly hypocritical for a site that features a “Chicks, Man” article category to poke fun at an enterprise such as “Bikini Golf.” But let’s be honest here, this stuff really takes the cake. Although the creative forces behind the show deserve credit for creativity, I suppose.

Still, let’s face facts. The Internet, much like “Bikini Golf,” can use the same tagline as the series: “It’s a Skins Game.” So there you go.

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