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Blatant Homerism

Christian Ponder and wife Samantha share photo of newborn girl, Bowden (photo)

On Thursday, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder and his wife, ESPN reporter Samantha, the proud parents of newborn daughter Ponder, took to social media to share the first photo of the couple’s little bundle of joy.

With the Ponders lying beside infant Bowden, born earlier this month, the little charmer steals the show, dressed in a little outfit adorned with those adorable little mittens newborns wear so they don’t cut themselves with those razor-sharp fingernails. The parents out there know what that’s all about — those little infant fingernails are lethal, man.

Of course, little Bowden was named after legendary Florida State Seminoles head coach Bobby Bowden, who Ponder played for during his college days. The gesture is certainly heartwarming, but Ponder may have been better served by naming his firstborn Zimmer after the Vikings rookie head coach. Maybe it wouldn’t have helped Ponder move up from third on the Vikings’ quarterback depth chart, but it wouldn’t have hurt, either.

Mama Ponder posted the photo to her Instagram page on Wednesday, writing, “Thanks to all the close friends and family who helped us enjoy pregnancy/the first month of her life privately. We can never repay you. Now, say hello to my new traveling buddy. She’ll see you all this fall.

She later shared another photograph of the new family posing in front of one of those “LOVE” sculptures.

It is unclear where the photograph was taken — variations of the “LOVE” sculpture are scattered all over the country — but Papa Ponder was due in outstate Minnesota in Mankato on Thursday for the opening of Vikings training camp. Perhaps the photo was taken previously as a rudimentary Google search indicates that there isn’t one of these sculptures in the Twin Cities.

All that is academic. What matters most is what Mrs. Ponder wrote in the Instagram post: “Love, indeed.” Without a doubt.