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Charles Tillman’s training camp dorm room looks straight out of a hovel (photo)


If the training camp experience wasn’t bad enough for the average NFL player. Practices in sweltering heat, cafeteria food (sometimes) and for some teams, the players are forced to fit in a cramped dormitory. Given the average NFL player is moderately wealthy (if not flat-out insanely rich) and more-than-above-average in size, the typical college dorm room lacks both the amenities and the space to accommodate a professional football player accustomed to the finer things in life.

And then there’s Charles Tillman’s training camp accommodations. The Chicago Bears ball-hawking cornerback posted a photo to Facebook of his dorm room at Olivet Nazarene University. It has all the appearances of a disgusting hovel, quite frankly, definitely ill-suited for millionaire NFL player.

“My room for the next few weeks. Dorm life,” he wrote.

Forget it being reasonable quarters for an NFL player. It’s also not suitable for a student likely paying a ridiculous sum for room and board to attend the liberal arts university located in Bourbonnais, Ill. Hopefully, the college doesn’t use a photo of this particular room in its promotional pamphlets and other recruitment materials.

It’s not like Peanut Tillman is helping matters, either, as he was the one who presumably taped up the aluminum foil over the windows, probably to keep out the sunlight, not to stop the CIA and/or aliens from reading his thoughts.

But hey, it looks like the room has an air conditioner. Hard to say for sure if it works, but let’s hope it does for Tillman’s sake. Either way, this is exactly how I envision the slovenly garret Raskolnikov inhabited in “Crime and Punishment.”

Sure, a Doystoevsky reference is always apropos. Why wouldn’t it be?

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