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Carlos Gomez videobombs Mark Reynolds while dancing in Ninja Turtle costume (video)


When Carlos Gomez takes the field, he does so with a bit of swagger, some cockiness and a passion that is plainly evident in every at-bat and every time a ball is hit in his direction. Apparently, how the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder approaches baseball is the same way he approaches the art of the videobomb.

Gomez’s teammate Mark Reynolds was being interviewed on MLB Network’s “Intentional Talk” on Thursday, providing an originally unidentified Brewers player the perfect opportunity necessary to don a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume and boogie down.

It turns out that the perpetrator of the prank was Gomez. Dressed as Leonardo for all you TMNT-ophiles (the blue mask gives it away, although it’s worth noting that when Kevin Eastman an Peter Laird launched the iconic comic back in 1984, it was in black and white, so the colored masks were a later addition … comic book nerd cred), “Go-Go”stood behind Reynolds fully regaled in costume as the anthropomorphic reptilian sewer dweller and began to bust a major move.


Also worth noting is the fantastic tee shirt Reynolds is sporting that features Brewers pitcher Matt Garza depicted as The Count from “Sesame Street.” That’s awesome.

Gomez also was tooling around on some kind of motorized scooter, evident in the below photo.


(image via @Aseel825)

While the dancing was pretty awesome, it would have been cool to see Gomez engage in some scooter-based ninjitsu action or something. Maybe that’s part of the upcoming major motion picture and Gomez didn’t want to play the role of spoiler. He’s fiercely loyal to the integrity of the “Heroes in a Half-Shell,” you see. Or not. Yeah, probably not.

It turns out that Gomez got the costume to surprise his son, Yandel.

“That cartoon is my son’s favorite,” Gomez said. “He’s crazy about it. I ordered (the costume) and I will go home tonight dressed like a Ninja Turtle. I ordered it online like 20 days ago. That thing came from China.”

Now that’s a great dad.

“I told my wife to show (a photo of the costume) to (Yandel) but he doesn’t know who is inside. She said if he do whatever she says, ‘I’m going to bring him home.'”

Gomez’s wife, Gerandy, apparently showed the four-year-old the photo and it turns out Yandel was a bit bummed out by it as he wanted to meet Donatello, not Leonardo.

“He’ll have to wait another 20 days,” Gomez said.

Ha. Again, great dad.

UPDATE: now has posted the video:

Good stuff.