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LeBron James dazzles Hong Kong crowd with … layups, dribbling drills? (videos)


It’s not all fun and games for LeBron James during the offseason. There’s work to be done, product to pimp, shoes to sell.

That is why King James found himself in Hong Kong on Wednesday as part of five-day trip to China to play celebrity pitchman to 1 billion basketball crazy fans for Nike.

The tour included a stop in Beijing on Monday and will continue with a stopover in Taiwan on Thursday and Friday. But on Wednesday, King James was in Hong Kong where he made an appearance at a store in front of hundreds of so-called “sneakerheads,” who chanted “LBJ!” repeatedly as the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar made his entrance.

James couldn’t believe the reception he received despite being so far away from the States.

“I’m miles and miles and miles, thousands of miles away from home, and to know that you can inspire someone in a whole other country, it means a lot me,” he said.


From the shoe store appearance, James moved on to a basketball clinic in Kowloon, where 1,500 fans inside a packed gymnasium were afforded the exhilarating thrill of watching James showcase the high-flying, insanely athletic and mesmerizing skills that make him the biggest basketball star in the world … by watching him conduct dribbling drills, drop in some layups and sink a few jumpers.

Um, yeah.

Okay, okay, to be fair, LeBron did throw down one dunk in the footage of clinic that has been posted to the Internet. And he did do at least one behind-the-back dribble while navigating a series of cones. That’s something.

Talk about a situation where a fan can’t help but walk away wowed and blown away. Sure, no one at the clinic got a care package cupcakes, but still…

All kidding aside, even though James did not put on a crazy acrobatic dunk fest, it nevertheless must have been quite a treat for these fans to catch a glimpse of James. A memorable experience, to be sure. Even with all the jumpers and dribble drills.