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Kevin Durant the latest sports star to lose credibility by hanging with Justin Bieber (pic)


Sigh. That’s about all the emotional output that can be elicited in reaction to the photo that surfaced of Justin Bieber and Oklahoma Thunder superstar Kevin Durant hanging out, apparently during a brunch outing over the weekend. Nice look on Bieber’s face, by the way. It’s just so eminently … punchable?

Whatever that expression on Bieber’s face is — beyond supremely annoying, of course —  the above image now means that Durant has been added to the laundry list of professional athletes and those affiliated with the world of sport to have their reputations tarnished and their credibility sullied by agreeing to spend even a second of time with the cretinous and narcissistic pop star.

Not only is the simple act of hanging out with Bieber, even for a second, a veritable blow to a star’s ability to maintain his or her integrity, his mere presence at sporting events casts a douchetastic shadow over the entire event, evidence of which is fully established in both cases simply by reviewing this here site’s archive of articles that carry a mere mention of Bieber.

At least Durant had the good sense not to post any documentation of his encounter with Bieber to his various social media accounts. The irreparable damage to Durant’s good name was done when Bieber posted it to his Instagram account.

For Durant, not posting anything about the meeting was a good start. Not personally drawing attention to it at least prevented him from making the epic gaffe of egregiously misstating Bieber’s influence on the world, as ESPN analyst Jay Williams did when he praised the pop star, claiming that he is “truly inspiring” and mentioning how he is “changing lives.” A statement like that pretty much revokes Williams’ cool guy cred.

One last question: What gives with Bieber rocking a Brooklyn Nets lid in the photo. The least he could have done is remove it for the photo. Poor form. Then again, what else should we expect, right?