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Icky Grump: Jack White at a Cubs game looks exactly like you’d imagine it (pic/vid)

jack-white-cubs-game(image via @AndrewCieslak)

Jack White, the former White Stripes frontman-turned-solo act-turned-creative force behind like 100 bands, was in attendance at the Chicago Cubs-San Diego Padres game at Wrigley Field on Tuesday. And if someone were to ask you, “If Jack White were to attend a Cubs game, how do you imagine he would look?”

Well, the scowling look on the rocker’s face pretty much sums up how most people would envision it.

jack-white-cubs-game-2(image via @nick_pants)

Something tells me that White is pretty much miserable whenever he doesn’t have a guitar in his hand and making music. This condition is only compounded by the fact that he is attending a Cubs game. After all, White is a Detroit kid. He’s presumably a Tigers guy all the way, despite his choice of wearing a Cubs jersey to the ballgame.

In actuality, the captured images of White at the game is not an accurate representation of his overall mood and demeanor throughout the evening. A video posted by shows him interacting with a litte girl — presumably his eight-year-old daughter, Scarlett — and pointing out things out on the field while seemingly enjoying himself.

Seriously, all that aside and despite the relative inaccuracy of the stills, that sourpuss-laden countenance captured by them is simply classic. It’s like he’s thinking, “Take me out to ANYWHERE BUT the ballgame.”

Who knows? Maybe some dolt operating the Wrigley P.A. system elected to play “Seven Nation Army” after White was spotted in the crowd at the exact moments the images were captured.

As an aside, really, people, it’s time to end the overdone and overwrought practice of playing that dang song at every sporting event. Even Gary Glitter thinks it’s been taken too far.

So … played.

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