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Chris Bosh to launch his own neckwear line called ‘Mr. Nice Ties’ (photos)


A continuing trend in basketball is for NBA superstars to flex their entrepreneurial muscles to better prepare them for life after basketball … or to further pad their already-overstuffed pockets with more cash with a minimal amount of effort. One of those two for sure.

Now Chris Bosh joins the ranks of Russell Westbrook, among others, who have made inroads into the fashion industry with the launch of an exclusive neckwear line cleverly called “Mr. Nice Ties.”

According to a report from the site Sideline Styles, the Miami Heat star has collaborated with Armstrong & Wilson on the Mr. Nice Ties line that will include traditional ties and bow ties with a scheduled release date sometime in September.

Sadly, no indication as of yet whether or not bolo ties will make the cut and be included in the line. Sigh.

Unlike other celebrity fashion lines, Bosh apparently was a very “hands on” during the design process.

“Armstrong & Wilson is known for its signature button pocket squares and this is a great opportunity to showcase our neckwear and the details we put into them as well,” Clifton Wilson, co-founder of Armstrong & Wilson, told Sideline Styles. “Chris is definitely a hands on designer with his collection and we feel great and honored to have this partnership with him.”

Here’s a look-see at the first images of the ties that have been made available.

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Pretty fancy. And as a fashionable male, there is little doubt that Mr. Bosh will be rocking ties from his own line when he makes his way to NBA arenas next season where he and the Heat will lose far, far more games than they did this past one. But hey, at least he’ll look nice before and after the games. That’s something.