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Roy Halladay channels Mac from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ in Twitter fan letter to Chase Utley


Even though Roy Halladay announced his retirement from baseball last December, it’s clear that he still pays attention to the goings on in Major League Baseball, especially as it relates to keeping tabs on the achievements of his former teammates.

One teammate in particular certainly appears to have made quite an impact on the former pitcher during his big league career. And that player is Philadelphia Phillies second baseman and all-around good guy Chase Utley.

Halladay took to Twitter on Tuesday to congratulate Utley for winning the Phillies Heart and Hustle Award, which is given to a current player “who demonstrate a passion for the game of baseball and best embody the values, spirit and tradition of the game.”

Not only did Halladay send along his best wishes to his former Phillies teammate, he went into full fan boy mode as he gushed over Utley during a sequence of nine heartfelt and eloquent tweets.

His expression of goodwill towards Utley was so passionate, in fact, that Halladay almost reached the level of awkwardness attained by the character “Mac” on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in his creepily written pseudo-love letter to the Phillies second baseman in the episode, “The World Series Defense.”


Without further ado, Halladay’s fan letter via tweet to Utley in its entirety:


“Be Like Chase! Be Like Chase! Be Like Chase!”

All kidding aside — sort of — while Halladay’s thoughts are sincere, made with the best intentions and surely heartfelt, there is something eerily similar — both in tone and in expression of admiration conveyed — about his Twitter missive and Mac’s impassioned ode to Utley.

Let’s hope that much like he did when he “responded” to Mac’s letter (side note: how weird is that, by the way, to answer a fan letter from a fictitious character — a testament to the greatness of”IASIP”), Utley will take a moment to respond to his old pal and teammate. That’s the very least Utley should do in gratitude to Halladay for his fan letter that isn’t creepy at all.

Okay, a little creepy, but all in all, not too bad. It’s not like it delves into unhinged stalker territory or anything.

[H/T Big League Stew, top image via Crossing Broad]