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Nationals fan with insane curly ‘W’ beard says it will look more refined’ at game (pic)


Washington Nationals fan Eric Brooks made some hairy waves on the Internet and started the timer on his 15 minutes of fame when a photo he posted to Instagram showcasing his insanely awesome curly “W” beard went viral.

Brooks, a transplanted Nats fan living in Colorado, announced that he would be proudly sporting the incredible beard-as-art creation when he attends the Nationals visit to Coors Field to take on the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday.

“Going to the Washington Nationals vs. Colorado Rockies game on Wednesday,” Brooks wrote on Instagram. “Practicing a freestyle beard to wear to the game! (It’s sloppy because I did it very quick)”

The key point Brooks made in his Instagram post that is causing all the hullabaloo is that he considered the magnificent job done in transforming his beard from a mass of facial hair into a work of art is “sloppy.”

Brooks expounded on that claim during an appearance via Skype with FOX 5’s “Good Day DC” program on Tuesday where he assured everyone that he intends to kick up the whole “Beard is Weird” bit to another level, especially as it relates to the craftsmanship of said “W” beard.

“I got such a large response from the Alex Ovechkin beard I did back during the NHL season, so I wanted to try something different for the Nationals,” Brooks said on the morning show. “This will be the only game I’m going to this season, so I wanted to make sure I showed my Washington pride.”

Brooks is referencing his earlier effort to support Washington teams by way of beard when he fashioned his facial hair into a dedication to Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin, as documented in the photo below.


But Brooks insists the final product that will be showcased come Wednesday, if everything goes as planned, will put the teaser photo (top) to shame.

“That one, I did it really quick, because I was just testing it out,” said Brooks. “I’m going to go to the game tomorrow and it’ll be a lot more refined. It probably took about 10 to 15 minutes just to do that. I use this hairspray, it’s called ‘got2b glued’ hairspray. It’s literally like cement for your hair.”

Even if Brooks’ beard looks exactly the same as it does in the original Instagram pic, chances are good he’ll make a big splash at Coors Field on Wednesday.

Any chance this Rockies fan will be in attendance? Imagine the conversation between those two guys.

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