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Marshawn Lynch sets up velvet ropes around his parked Lamborghini? (photo)


If a tweet from a random Twitter user is to believed, the above photo is documentary evidence that Marshawn Lynch on at least one occasion has used velvet ropes as some kind of protection when parking his Lamborghini on a public street.

Chuck Brezina posted the above photo of Lynch’s sweet ride parked on a city street in Oakland, where the Seattle Seahawks running back apparently is shooting a film or something.

While it’s unclear how a set of velvet ropes provide any semblance of protection to a several hundred thousand dollar automobile, what is clear is that given the limited space inside such a luxury vehicle, the odds are good that Lynch rides solo whenever and wherever he travels with the ropes in tow, if in fact Lynch set up the ropes himself or if it was some yahoo in charge of catering to the running back’s every whim.

Between this odd story, his appearance at the Kids’ Choice Awards last week when he gleefully dived into a pool of green slime, his all-nude photo shoot for ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body Issue,” as well as his appearance at a celebrity golf tournament where his atrocious golf swing was put on full and embarrassing display, the normally low-key, private and profoundly shy Lynch certainly is putting himself out there this offseason.

Still, velvet ropes around a Lambo? That’s weird stuff, man. A tad egotistical, to boot. Wasn’t there a secure parking garage nearby or something?

[H/T SB Nation, image via @chuckbrezina]